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The moral challenge posed to Religious about the costs of Redress

The public are rightly concerned about recent statements from members of the Irish Government claiming that some Irish religious orders are not meeting their moral obligation to contribute to the cost of making redress to victims of historical institutional abuse. Our factual response traces the unfolding of the events behind the issue. It seeks to...

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St. Patrick’s Day in London

People from many parts of London gathered in Sacred Heart Church to celebrate the Feast of St. Patrick. Sacred Heart Church has often been described as a spiritual home for many Irish in London and there is a plaque to remember the forgotten Irish who lived in London. Today the parish is home to people...

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Daily Lenten Reflections Written by Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI

Click on any date below to hear the reflection for that day March 1, 2017   March 2, 2017   March 3, 2017    March 4, 2017    Week 1 March 5, 2017   March 6, 2017    March 7, 2017   March 8, 2017   March 9, 2017  March 10, 2017   March 11, 2017   Week 2 March 12, 2017    ...

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Ash Wednesday

Lets’ be honest, we all prefer Advent to Lent! There is a very specific atmosphere and feeling that Advent creates. The lights, sounds and symbols of Advent leading to Christmas fill us with joy and happiness. Lent on the other hand, at first, seems to generate and create the very opposite. Lent lasts for close...

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Oblate Day – February 17th

February 17th is known throughout the Oblate World as “Oblate Day.” It is the anniversary of day when the Congregation and its Constitutions were formally approved by Rome.

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Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

The Feast of our Lady of Lourdes was celebrated in Inchicore, Dublin and Kilburn, London with the conclusion of the Lourdes Novena and the annual torchlight procession. Each year at this time a small group from the Oblate Pilgrimage travel to Lourdes for the Feast Day and to prepare for the pilgrimage in September.  ...

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“A crime that cries to heaven”

While the Oblate parish of Santo Niño in Midsayap, on the island of Mindanao, was celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace, eighteen people, including a police officer, were wounded when a grenade exploded outside of the church. Fr. Jay VIRADOR said that the faithful inside the church did not wait for the rites...

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Outreach to the insecure

Brother Daniel DIONNE has been a professed Oblate since 1990. As such, he has served in various ways, both in his native Canada and in the United States. Here, he reflects upon the faces of the poor as he has seen them. So far my journey has taken me across Western Canada, in the most...

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TURKMENISTAN: Three Priests in the Turkmenistan Desert

  Fr. Andre Madej, OMI Being a minority doesn’t mean you can’t proclaim Christ. In order to do it, what is important is to live the day-to-day life of the local people, the buildings can wait (there aren’t any permissions to build churches here). This is the testimony of Andrzej MADEJ, a Polish Missionary of...

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God is with Us

For many of us, I suspect, it gets harder each year to capture the mood of Christmas. About the only thing that still warms are hearts are memories, memories of younger, more naïve, days when the lights and carols, Christmas trees and gifts, still excited us.  But we’re adult now and so too, it seems, is...

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