Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

Weekly Reflections

Sunday Gospel Reflection for 15th Sunday of the Year, Sunday July 10th

At first glance, today’s Gospel is clear and unambiguous. It is probably one of the stories or parables told by Jesus which is easiest understood. It is told as a simple black and white story with only one right answer. “Who is my neighbour?“ asks the lawyer, once again intent on drawing Jesus into an...

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Sunday Gospel Reflection for 14th Sunday of the Year, Sunday July 3rd

If Jesus had a Facebook page, would you join it as a ‘friend’? or if he tweeted regularly would you be a ‘follower’ of his? Asking questions like these may well sound trite and meaningless, and come across as more juvenile than anything else, and perhaps they are. However, read today’s Gospel a couple of...

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Sunday Gospel Reflection for 13th Sunday of the Year, Sunday June 26th

To suggest that a person should forego their father’s funeral or leave home without saying a word to family and friends seems ludicrous. It is almost like the way the wicked son in the ‘Prodigal Son’ parable treated his father. To say that this is what Jesus might literally demand of his followers simply does...

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sunday reflection corpus christi june 19th

Sunday Gospel Reflection for the Feast of Corpus Christi, Sunday June 19th

From the very beginning of time we are told that God created us “…in his own image and likeness.” In the very beautiful Psalm 131 we read, “…As a child lies quietly in its mother’s arms, so my soul is quiet within me.” The Prophet Isaiah said, “Can a woman forget her own child, or...

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june 12th trinity sunday

Sunday Gospel Reflection for Trinity Sunday, June 12th

Janis Ian, a singer songwriter of the seventies released the song “At Seventeen” in 1975, capturing the  loneliness and angst of being a teenager. In it she talked about the pain of feeling ‘left out’, being one of those who… “desperately remain at home, inventing lovers on the phone, who call to say, ‘come dance...

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sunday reflection pentecost june 5th

Reflection for Pentecost Sunday, June 5th

Pentecost is the celebration of all celebrations! Many years ago now, I celebrated a 50th Wedding Anniversary Mass for a couple who had returned to the Church in which they were married, to renew their vows and celebrate with their children, grandchildren, wider family, and friends. At the end of the Mass, with all the...

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sunday reflection may 29th

Reflection for the 7th Sunday of Easter, May 29th

The best image I have of ‘unity’ is found in Rublev’s icon of the Trinity. While his painting was inspired by the three angels who visit Abraham in Genesis 18, there can be no doubt that Rublev is giving us a glimpse – a very wonderful glimpse – into the interior life of God. Sitting...

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6th Sunday of Easter May 22nd Reflection

Reflection for the 6th Sunday of Easter, May 22nd

As the reality of the Resurrection sank into the minds and hearts of the first disciples of Jesus, they must have been faced with many questions. He was the same person, yet different! He wasn’t an angel or a spirit because he interacted with them – they could touch him; he ate and spoke to...

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5th sunday of easter

Reflection for the 5th Sunday of Easter, May 15th

Why is it that so many people live in a kind of perpetual fear of God? They are, maybe, able to say that “God loves me”, but everything in their conversations and actions make clear that deep in their hearts they are still people without real joy or hope or happiness. This fear manifests itself...

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Reflection for the 4th Sunday of Easter, May 8th

The image of the youthful, long haired, well-manicured Jesus carrying a sheep across his shoulders and looking reflectively into the middle distance is probably one of the oldest and best remembered images we have of Jesus. It is found again and again in the catacombs, the underground tunnels where the early Christians hid from persecution...

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