Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

Weekly Reflections

sunday december 6th 2020

Sunday December 6th 2020: Read Br Michael’s Gospel Reflection

John the Baptist: Messenger of Hope The clocks were turned back an hour several weeks ago; Halloween has come and gone as have the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls. The mornings and evenings are now dark and autumn has given way to winter. In more ways than one, these are now dark days...

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november 29th

Sunday November 29th 2020: Read Br Michael’s Gospel Reflection

The 1st Sunday of Advent: Stay Awake and Prepare Sadly, for many if not all of us, we will not be in our parish churches today to mark the beginning of Advent. Due to the continuing restrictions caused by the coronavirus our churches are still closed. Hopefully they will open soon. In one way or...

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sunday reflection november 22nd

Sunday November 22nd 2020: Read Br Michael’s Gospel Reflection

This is our God, the Servant King Today we celebrate the Feast of Christ of King; it is the last the Sunday of the current liturgical year in the Church. Next Sunday Advent begins. Today is about endings and beginnings. These months have been and sadly continue to be draining, demanding and difficult on a...

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sunday november 15th

Sunday November 15th 2020: Read Br Michael’s Gospel Reflection

Gifts and Talents Whether one is a child or an adult, we all love opening gifts at Christmas or when it’s our birthday. Think of the joy and expectation when opening the present and the surprise when what is inside is finally revealed. It is not only the person who opens the gift who experiences...

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november 8th

Sunday November 8th 2020: Read Br Michael’s Gospel Reflection

Be ready and prepared! The image of a feast or banquet is used in scripture to describe both the kingdom and the generosity of God. The gospel today presents us with one such celebration; a wedding. Do you remember the last wedding to which you were invited? I do. It was my brothers only a...

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november 1st all saints

Sunday November 1st 2020: Read Br Michael’s Gospel Reflection

The call to be Holy Today in union with the whole Church, we celebrate the Feast of All Saints. When I was a child I remember my mother saying to me when I was misbehaving that I was no saint! I also recall the pictures and statues of saints in my local church. They were...

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sunday october 25th

Sunday October 25th 2020: Read Br Michael’s Gospel Reflection

Love of God and others Love is a major theme in books, plays, songs, poems, films, and popular culture. As we approach Valentine’s Day each year we are surrounded by a multitude of cards, chocolates and roses in an attempt to convey our affection for the one we love. There is nothing wrong with this....

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sunday reflection october 18th

Sunday October 18th 2020: Read Br Michael’s Gospel Reflection

Loyalty to whom? No matter to which we country we look, they all have different political parties and factions all trying to attract as many people as possible with their promises and policies. It was no different at the time of Jesus. There were many different political and religious sects all trying to claim superiority...

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11th October

Sunday October 11th 2020: Read Br Michael’s Gospel Reflection

God requests the pleasure of your company In both the Jewish and Christian scriptures, the image and symbol of the feasts, weddings and celebrations are used to describe God’s generosity and the joy of the God’s Kingdom. This is the parable that Jesus offers us today. He is as usual talking to the chief priest...

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october 4th

Sunday October 4th 2020: Read Br Michael’s Gospel Reflection

The Lord’s Vineyard For the third Sunday in a row, Jesus offers us another parable about a vineyard. The image and symbol of the vineyard begins in the first reading today from the Prophet Isaiah. ‘The Song of the Vineyard’ as it is called tells the story of man who carefully dug the soil, cleared...

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