Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate


Gospel Reflection for 1st March 2020

Do not lead us into temptation Lent is a Pilgrimage, a Journey, and it begins with Jesus being led into the wilderness of the desert by the Holy Spirit. The desert for the Jewish People is a very scared and symbolic place. It was in the desert that the Israelites encountered and experienced God. It...

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February 23rd

Gospel Reflection for 23rd February 2020

An eye for and eye? There is the old military that says the best form of defence is attack. Meaning, do to someone before they do it to you! Jesus begins the gospel by quoting the Jewish Law; ‘You have learnt how it was said: an eye for eye and tooth for a tooth.’  This...

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16th February

Gospel Reflection for 16th February 2020

The Heart of the Matter  The Scribes and Pharisees never missed an opportunity to attack and criticise Jesus. They just didn’t like the people with whom he ate, drank and befriended; the poor, the sick, the outcast, those they considered to be sinners. But Jesus in return was never in shy in challenging them for...

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December 22nd

Gospel Reflection for Sunday December 22nd 2019

We’re almost there – but not just yet! Waiting for Christmas can be so hard and not just for children! For the last number of weeks, we have been surrounded by all the signs, sounds, symbols of Christmas; lights, decorations, carols, trees, gifts and presents. These are all very important parts of our festivities and...

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December 1st

December 1st : Gospel Reflection for the first Sunday of Advent

Let us walk in the Light of the Lord As the seasons change, so too does the liturgical life of the church. This Sunday as we begin the Sacred Season of Advent, we also begin a new liturgical for the year ahead. Hopefully we will notice these changes around us, especially in our churches. The...

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Gospel Reflection for Sunday 3rd February

Jesus proclaims the Word of God and is rejected Whenever Jesus speaks in the gospels, he does so with courage and confidence. He does not change or alter his message for anyone. He comes with a radically new message, which for some is very hard to hear never mind accept or believe. In John’s gospels...

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Gospel Reflection for November 4th

All you need is love… Whenever Valentine’s Day comes around, we are surrounded by an endless stream of love songs, poetry, films about love, chocolates and of course Valentine Day cards. There is absolutely nothing wrong in enjoying and celebrating romantic love. But sometimes, just sometimes it can seem to be a little too nice,...

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