Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

weekly reflections

Sunday Gospel Reflection for 19th Sunday of the Year, Sunday August 7th

There are well established links in business psychology between fear, a lack of self-confidence and difficulty in trusting. Successful businesses will usually be led by people who trust in themselves and have the confidence to overcome their fears. Perhaps the same links can be found in our Spiritual journey with God and one another. “Do...

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Sunday Gospel Reflection for 15th Sunday of the Year, Sunday July 10th

At first glance, today’s Gospel is clear and unambiguous. It is probably one of the stories or parables told by Jesus which is easiest understood. It is told as a simple black and white story with only one right answer. “Who is my neighbour?“ asks the lawyer, once again intent on drawing Jesus into an...

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Sunday Gospel Reflection for 14th Sunday of the Year, Sunday July 3rd

If Jesus had a Facebook page, would you join it as a ‘friend’? or if he tweeted regularly would you be a ‘follower’ of his? Asking questions like these may well sound trite and meaningless, and come across as more juvenile than anything else, and perhaps they are. However, read today’s Gospel a couple of...

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Sunday Gospel Reflection for 13th Sunday of the Year, Sunday June 26th

To suggest that a person should forego their father’s funeral or leave home without saying a word to family and friends seems ludicrous. It is almost like the way the wicked son in the ‘Prodigal Son’ parable treated his father. To say that this is what Jesus might literally demand of his followers simply does...

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December 22nd

Gospel Reflection for Sunday December 22nd 2019

We’re almost there – but not just yet! Waiting for Christmas can be so hard and not just for children! For the last number of weeks, we have been surrounded by all the signs, sounds, symbols of Christmas; lights, decorations, carols, trees, gifts and presents. These are all very important parts of our festivities and...

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