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OLAC update

Oblate Lay Associations Congress 2022 – An Update

On behalf of the core team charged with planning and organising the participation of lay people associated with the Oblates of the Anglo Irish Province in the recent Oblate Lay Associations Congress, we would like to thank you very sincerely for the very many ways in which you engaged with the Congress and the pre-Congress...

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A View from Crewe of OLAC 2022

25 years on from the first meeting, the second Oblate Lay Associations Congress (OLAC) recently took place, from 27-29 May 2022. In a remarkable feat, regions from around the world came together, united by their Oblate charism, for an event that was years in the making. After two and a half years of preparation, we...

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OLAC 2022: how to join the live stream from Rome online on May 27, 28 and 29

“Living as Oblate People” Published on Thursday 19 May 2022 (with thanks to www.omiworld.org for providing us with this information)  2nd Oblate Lay Associations Congress (2OLAC) Recommended by the 2016 General Chapter, it is now nearly 3 years since 2OLAC was officially launched at the 2019 Interchapter in Obra, Poland. Even with the COVID situation that forced...

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Day 3 of OLAC2022: A new sense of mission

And with that, it was all over! For the best part of eighteen months and since our planning began for the participation of the Anglo-Irish Province – England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland – in the worldwide second Oblate Lay Associations Congress (OLAC), talking about an event taking place at the end of May 2022 always...

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morning prayer feast blessed joseph gerard

Morning prayer with the Oblates – May 29th with Kirk & Martina in Kokotec #olac2022

We join Kirk Jacob from England and Martina from Germany who are both in the Oblate Centre in Kokotec to participate in the European Regional gathering for OLAC 2022 – the 2nd Oblate Lay Associations Congress. Today is also the feast of Blessed Joseph Gerard OMI, a French Oblate who had a deep devotion to...

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Day 2 of OLAC2022: Connecting with the global Oblate family

If food be the music of life, play on! So Shakespeare wrote all those years ago. And there is no doubt but that what we eat can play a big part in how we can enjoy our time – or otherwise.  I have spent over 40 years going to Lourdes with the pilgrimage and when...

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morning prayer may 27th

Morning Prayer May 28th – With Gerard Bennett In Kokotec, Poland

We join Gerard Bennett who is in the Oblate Centre in Kokotec for the European Regional Hub for OLAC 2022 – the 2nd Oblate Lay Associations Congress. Together with 119 people in total, they are gathered in Poland as Oblate People – to think and understand how we live our lives as Oblate people, and...

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Day 1 of OLAC2022: Celebrating the Oblate communities around the world

So already, day one is over. After all the hassle of travelling yesterday, I went to bed, happy that at last I am here, that I have settled into my room, and awoke early, having had a reasonably good night’s sleep. There was a ‘social event’ last evening, but I decided that the wiser choice...

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OLAC2022 is off to a lively start in Kokotec, Poland!

The OLAC2022 meeting in Koktec, Poland, is off to lively start! The delegates from the various European regions have arrived and are looking forward to the next few days together and delving into what it means to be “Living as Oblate People”. This video was recording  of a lively Polish dance as part of ‘getting...

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Arrival in Poland for OLAC2022

An early morning start! The alarm went off at 4:55am and even in the few moments of grogginess that is part of the waking up process, I was aware that, ‘today is the day.’ Almost eighteen months ago, Fr Oliver invited me to be one of the representatives of the Oblate lay people from Ireland...

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