Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

gospel reflection

Gospel Reflection for Second Sunday of Advent, December 4th

Sundays two and three of Advent always focus on John the Baptist. Why? Because it was John who recognised Jesus for who and what he was, and it was he who announced him to the world. During the Season of Advent we wait for Jesus to be born into the world, his birth on that...

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Gospel Reflection for Christ the King Sunday

Have you ever looked at any of the great works of art depicting the coming of the Kingdom of God? If you have, you will have noticed that most of them are pictured as apocalyptic events, with imagery taken from the Book of Revelation. In them you will find armies of angels with swords and...

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Sunday Gospel Reflection for 19th Sunday of the Year, Sunday August 7th

There are well established links in business psychology between fear, a lack of self-confidence and difficulty in trusting. Successful businesses will usually be led by people who trust in themselves and have the confidence to overcome their fears. Perhaps the same links can be found in our Spiritual journey with God and one another. “Do...

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