Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

Weekly Reflections

Gospel Reflection for the 33rd. Sunday of Ordinary Time

  We all love getting a nicely wrapped gift whether it is for our birthday or at Christmas. We open and unwarp the gift that has been kindly given to us. We thank the person who gave us the gift and we use it. Think how the person who gave us the gift would feel...

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Gospel Reflection for the 32nd. Sunday in Ordinary Time

  I was never a boy scout, but even I know what their famous saying is; Be Prepared! As we approach the end of this Church year and start a new one when we Advent begins, the gospel today and next Sunday speak to us of being ready and prepared. In our ordinary everyday lives...

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Gospel Reflection for the 31st. Sunday in Ordinary Time

When I was a child there was a game that was played in school. It was called ‘Follow the Leader.’ It was a simple enough game. One person was chosen to be the ‘leader’. Whatever the leader did or said, everyone else copied. For example, if the leader clapped their hands or jumped on one...

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Gospel Reflection for the 30th. Sunday in Ordinary Time

There is always the danger that when we hear a song too often that we become complacent and take it for granted. The same can happened with the readings and gospels we hear when we come to mass. Perhaps this is one of those gospels. We have heard it some often that is no longer...

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Gospel Reflection for the 29th. Sunday in ordinary time

  Some once said that the only things certain in this world are death and taxes. And it appears from our gospel that at the time of Jesus, taxes had to be paid then also! The Pharisees never missed and chance or opportunity to try and trap Jesus. They were always hoping that he would...

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Gospel Reflection for the 28th. Sunday in Ordinary Time

We all love a good meal with our friends and family. Whenever we share a meal with those we love, there is a sense of joy, community and belonging which is experienced by those around the table. Stories are told and new memories are created. The same was true at the time of Jesus. We...

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Gospel Reflection for the 27th. Sunday in Ordinary Time.

If you asked somebody to do something and they didn’t do it, you might give them a second chance. If they failed to do it the second, your patience might stretched bit. You just might ask them a third time. But if they failed the third time, you would definitely give up on them. Thankfully,...

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Gospel Reflection for the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

  There is no question about it, but Jesus was a great storyteller. Whenever he could, he would tell the people a parable. A parable is story with the wrong ending! We have to read it several times before we can figure out what it is really about. A parable is a story that is...

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Gospel Reflection for the 25th. Sunday in Ordinary Time.

  If I did a full day’s work and the person next to me only did half a day’s work, but we were both paid the exact same, I would have every right to be angry. Why should the other person be paid the same as me, if I did far more work than them?...

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Gospel Reflection for the 24th. Sunday in Ordinary Time

  Last Sunday’s readings reminded us of the responsibility we have to those we hurt and those who hurt us. No effort is to be spared in the pursuit of reconciliation and forgiveness. All three readings this Sunday, especially the gospel continue this message and make this point very clearly. While naming and highlighting all...

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