Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate


morning prayer april 16th

Morning Prayer with the Oblates, Friday April 16th

We join Lynn Kyei Poakwah in West Kilburn, London once more for prayer this morning. We hear the account of the miracle of the Loaves and the Fish, or the Feeding of the 5,000. Jesus is the Risen Lord of all possibilities – through him all things are possible. We hear about the importance of...

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Watch Back: International Conference – Let us Dream

Watch Back: Conference on “A politics rooted in the people” With a special video message from Pope Francis at approx 20 mins, this international, interfaith online event hosted by the Centre for Theology and Community is well worth a watch.  A segment featuring the work of the faith communities in East London is available with...

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morning prayer april 15th

Morning Prayer with the Oblates, Thursday April 15th

Lynn Kyei Poakwah, who is a parishioner of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, West Kilburn, leads our prayer this morning. We pray for peace, warmth, love and to console all families who are grieving the loss of a family member. “The Father loves the Son and has entrusted everything to him. Anyone who believes...

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Morning Prayer with the Oblates, Wednesday April 14th

We join Miriam Doran, who volunteers with the Oblates in Lourdes, in County Meath for morning prayer and reflection. “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but may have eternal life.” John 3:16 #easter #jesus #prayer #heisrisen

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morning prayer april 13th 2021

Morning Prayer with the Oblates, Tuesday April 13th

We join Mary Tyrell in the Wirral, Liverpool for morning prayer. Today’s reading challenges us to ask ourselves; what can we do to help those around us suffering from poverty in our own area or beyond? It also encourages us to be “easter people” – to be filled with hope because of the Resurrection. “The...

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morning prayer April 12th 2021

Morning Prayer with the Oblates, Monday April 12th

Frankie MacDonald in Scotland leads today’s morning prayer. We have hope for the future that we will all get through this tough time together. We place all our hopes and worries in our Lord’s hands as we say together “Jesus we trust in You!” “Jesus replied: ‘In all truth I tell you no one can...

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Morning Prayer with the Oblates, 2nd Sunday of Easter, April 11th

Join Kirk in London for morning prayer. Today is the 2nd Sunday of Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday. In our readings, we hear of the mercy of the Risen Lord reaching out to the apostle Thomas who sadly comes to be known as “Doubting Thomas!”. A little bit of his story of losing his life...

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Morning Prayer with the Oblates, Saturday of Easter Week, April 10th

Today we hear in the gospel that after rising from the dead, Jesus first appeared to Mary of Magdala. “Magdala” comes from Hebrew ‘Migdal’ – means Tower. Tower of strength, tower of refuge, a special tower of compassionate and generous protection. Join Kirk Jacob in London for today’s prayer. “And he said to them, “Go...

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morning prayer april 9th

Morning Prayer with the Oblates, Friday of Easter Week, April 9th

This past year has been a long dark winter for so many of us, spent in isolation, but the green shoots of Spring that have begun to sprout remind us of the Resurrection – and as the hymn says “Love has come again like wheat that springeth green.” “By what power or by what name have...

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Morning Prayer with the Oblates, Easter Thursday, April 8th

Dear friends, this morning Mary Ryan, a parishioner of Sacred Heart, Quex Road, Kilburn, leads us in our prayer as we hear about another encounter the disciples have with the Risen Jesus. The risen Christ comes among his disciples and he empowers them so that with joy they begin to preach the Good News. We...

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