Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

Weekly Reflections

6th sunday May 9th

Gospel Reflection for May 9th – 6th Sunday of Easter 2021

Love of God and each other It is suggested that the theme and message of love is the basis for more plays, songs, novels, films and poems that any other human emotion! Traditionally leading up to Valentine’s Day, we see this everywhere, especially in florists and card shops. We try to express as best we...

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5th sunday of easter may 2nd

Gospel Reflection for May 2nd – 5th Sunday of Easter 2021

Connected to Jesus and each other When Jesus spoke last week, he described himself as the Good Shepherd. This Sunday he uses another image that would have been very familiar to those who heard him. The gospel begins with Jesus saying, ‘I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser.’ For most of...

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4th sunday april 25th

Gospel Reflection for April 25th – 4th Sunday of Easter 2021

Call and Response For many, if not all of us who live in tower blocks or housing estates, the chances of meeting a shepherd or seeing a flock of sheep are very rare! The language and image that Jesus offers us today in the gospel can seem a bit strange to us and may even...

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3rd Sunday Easter April 18th

Gospel Reflection for April 18th – 3rd Sunday of Easter 2021

Peace be with you Our gospel today begins after the two friends of Jesus had met him on the road to Emmaus; ‘the disciples told their story of what had happened to them on the road and how they had recognised him at the breaking of the bread.’ Having met Jesus they went back to...

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april 11th easter sunday thomas

Gospel Reflection for April 11th 2nd Sunday of Easter 2021

Doubting Thomas Today we stand with Thomas, who sadly will forever be as known as the one who doubted in the resurrection. He refused to believe unless he could see Jesus himself. As well as being the disciple who doubted, he is also known the one who is often accused of having little or no...

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easter sunday april 4th

Gospel Reflection for April 4th Easter Sunday 2021

Mary Magdalene meets the Risen Lord  Our journey through Lent which we began on Ash Wednesday is over. On the first Sunday of Lent we were in the dry and dangerous desert with Jesus. Today, with Mary Magdalene we stand at the empty tomb and experience the Resurrection as she did. Good Friday is never...

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good Friday April 2nd 2021

Gospel Reflection for Good Friday April 2nd 2021

Gospel Reflection for 2nd April – Good Friday The opening prayer from Holy Thursday tells us that ‘we should glory in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, for he is our salvation, our life and resurrection; though him we are saved and made free.’ This is the central message of not only these three...

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sunday march 28th palm sunday

Gospel Reflection for Palm Sunday March 28th 2021

The events that begin on Palm Sunday and take place for the rest of Holy Week are basically the story of a human drama; it is the drama of Jesus and it is also our drama. As he enters into the dramatic events of his final week, he invites us to follow and stay with...

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sunday march 21st 2021

Gospel Reflection for Sunday March 21st 2021

Unless a grain of wheat dies My father was a gardener all his life. We were lucky enough to have a very large garden at home.  All through the year it was filled with a huge variety of vegetables, plants and flowers. In spring he would sow seeds. They would grow slowly and silently and...

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sunday march 14th 2021

Gospel Reflection for Sunday March 14th 2021

Jesus is lifted up for all to see In Jewish history Moses is a key figure. He led the people from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land. Before they reached the Promised Land they had to pass through the desert and this was not always an easy experience for them! While they...

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