Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

Weekly Reflections

Gospel Reflection for the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

  From reading the gospels, we know that Jesus was great speaker and wonderful storyteller. So good at this was he, that Peter even once said, ‘Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the message of eternal life.’ Jesus always knew his audience and to whom he was speaking. He spoke about seeds being...

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Gospel Reflection for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

  This Sunday, we begin reading the Gospel of Mark. John the Baptist has been arrested and Jesus is beginning to proclaim the Good News from God. Jesus is beginning his public ministry and so he starts to call people to follow him. Jesus always made a point of meeting and calling people wherever he...

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Gospel Reflection for the 2nd. Sunday in Ordinary Time

  As Jesus walks by minding his own business, John points at him and says to those who are with him, ‘Look there is the Lamb of God.’ They drop everything they were doing, leave John and go after Jesus. Before they can speak or say anything, Jesus turns, looks at them and asks a...

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Gospel Reflection for the Epiphany of our Lord.

The word Epiphany means to reveal or to make known. This Sunday, these strangers whom we call kings, who were led and drawn by the light of star to come and do homage to Jesus. They arrive with strange gifts as they bend low and kneel in front of the King of Kings. These kings...

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Gospel Reflection for the Feast of the Holy Family

This Sunday, we remember and celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. It might be true to say that the focus of attention leading up and during the celebration of the Nativity is Jesus.  This Sunday, we acknowledge the whole family! There is often a sense of nostalgia and romance...

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Gospel Reflection for the 4th. Sunday of Advent

  Our Advent journey reaches a climax with Mary’s Story and Mary’s “Yes”. Through her hearing and accepting God’s word and message for her, the long awaited promise made to David and to each of us will be fulfilled. Our God is not distance or silent. God is very close to us. God’s dwelling place...

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Gospel Reflection for the 3rd. Sunday of Advent

  Today, the third Sunday of Advent is called ‘Guadete Sunday’ which means ‘Joy’ or Rejoice’. The opening antiphon for today’s liturgy asks us to Rejoice is the Lord always; again I say rejoice. Indeed the Lord is near. Today, on our Advent Wreath we light our pink candle to mark this day of joy....

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Gospel Reflection for the 2nd Sunday of Advent

 There is something beautiful about all the lights that we now see around us in the streets and shops windows. As they shine and sparkle they are trying to catch our eye and get our attention. In our gospel this Sunday, John the Baptist is trying to do the very same thing; he too is...

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Gospel Reflection for the 1st. Sunday of Advent

  This Sunday we begin a new season in the liturgical calendar of the Church. Today, we begin the great Season of Advent. There are two messages that we will hear over the next four weeks. One message and set of values will come to us from the media and the shops. We will be...

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Gospel Reflection for the Feast of Christ our King

 Next Sunday we begin the Season of Advent; our time of preparation for Christmas. Therefore this Sunday marks the end of our current liturgical year. Before we begin the Season of Advent, we are asked to reflect upon Christ our King. When Jesus was asked by Pilate if he was a king, Jesus said that...

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