Fr. Witalij Podolan, O.M.I., the Delegation Superior of Ukraine, wrote the following letter explaining the current situation in the country.

Dear Brothers!

We wish to express our eternal gratitude for your support of our ministry in Ukraine to-day. Unfortunately, the war between truth and lies has been going on for over 6 months in our lands. People suffer and die in this war. Many people were forced to leave their homes and workplace, often escaping only with documents, even without things or food. Many of these people have found refuge in our churches and monasteries. Some have already returned to their homes to rebuild them and ask us to buy building materials such as windows, roof coverings, brick for rebuilding walls, and others.

Ukrainian woman searches her home damaged by Russian bombs

Many people have lost their jobs and have no means of subsistence, so they come to our monasteries for food, personal hygiene, and clothes. In our religious house in Obukhiv, we cook food, which we later serve on the spot, and deliver meals to Kyiv, where it is distributed in various parts of the city.

In our other monastery, in Tyvriv, we provide guest rooms for refugees. Since February, several hundred people have found shelter. About 50 people are still forced to live there because they cannot return to their towns and homes, which are located in the areas occupied by the Russian army. The families living in our house in Tyvriv do not have a job and no money to protect themselves, therefore they are fully dependent on us.



Feeding the poor

We spend quite a lot of money on the maintenance of refugees. Still, these people are currently unable to rent a flat or feed themselves, as many workplaces are closed or destroyed. We can continue to help such people thanks to your generosity.

Unfortunately, the war against Ukraine is still ongoing, and we do not know when it will end. More and more people will continue to lose their flats, livelihoods, or even health, as was the case a few days ago, when a rocket fell near our monastery in Obukhiv, which not only destroyed neighboring buildings but also caused one person to lose a leg.

Queue to our monastery, asking for help

Thank you once again for your solidarity, financial support, and especially for your prayers, and we continue to ask for your prayers and assistance. May the good God reward you all a hundred times and protect all of you in peace.

With respect and prayers, Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate from Ukraine.

Fr. Witalij Podolan, O.M.I.