Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate


Summary of the Oblate Lay Associate Team Presentation to the 37th General Chapter

When we last updated you (in August), we said that we would be back to you with a further update “by the end of the summer.” We didn’t quite make that deadline that we set for ourselves!  And we’re sorry about that! Having said that, the lack of an update to you does not indicate...

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Oblates Ukraine War

Oblates continue to stay close to the suffering people

Oblates continue to stay close to the suffering people First published  www.OMIworld.org on Tuesday 8 November 2022 UKRAINE Fr. Witalij Podolan, O.M.I., the Delegation Superior of Ukraine, wrote the following letter explaining the current situation in the country. Dear Brothers! We wish to express our eternal gratitude for your support of our ministry in Ukraine...

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Sunday Gopel Reflection October 30th

Sunday Gospel Reflection for 31st Sunday of the Year, October 30th

INTRODUCTION: The story of Jesus stopping to call the ‘small’ Zacchaeus from the tree in order to dine with him is one of the most likeable stories in the Gospels. It is often used in children’s liturgies because of its drama and pictorial qualities. For children it can be a pleasant and edifying parable about...

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Morning Prayer July 12

Join Mary O’Brien from Dublin for Morning Prayer on Monday, July 12.

Mary suggests that today’s Gospel (Mt10:34-11:1) is, at first reading, difficult to understand. However, the words of a hymn she learned many years ago might give an insight into the message that lies within for all of us: “O Lord, all the world belongs to you, And you are always making all things new. What...

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Morning Prayer Sunday July 11

Morning Prayer, Sunday July 11 with Mary O’Brien (Dublin)

Join Mary O’Brien from Dublin on this, Sunday, July 11 as she leads us in our Morning Prayer. Mary reads from the Gospel of the day, Mark 6:7-13. In the Gospel, Jesus instructs the Apostles as he sends them out two by two. They are to take nothing with them except their sandals. Where they...

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Morning Prayer Saturday July 10

Morning Prayer with Pat Hughes, Saturday, July 10.

Join Pat Hughes, a Friend of St Eugene from Birkenhead, for Morning Prayer on Saturday, July 10 Our Gospel today is from Mt 10:24-33, and Pat points out that it includes phrases and sentiments with which we are all familiar, such as, “be not afraid” reminding us that “even the hairs on your head have...

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Morning Prayer July 9

Morning Prayer, Friday, July 9 with Pat Hughes (Friends of St Eugene, Birkenhead)

Join with Pat Hughes, one of the Friends of St Eugene from Birkenhead for Morning Prayer on Friday, July 9. Pat takes as her theme the Psalm from the readings of today’s Mass. Psalm 37 tells us that, “the salvation of the just comes from the Lord” and in response, Pat poses the question: “who...

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Morning Prayer July 8

Morning Prayer, Thursday July 8 with Theresa Codd (Birkenhead)

Join Theresa Codd from Birkenhead for Thursday’s Morning Prayer (July 8) We join Theresa as she leads us in our Morning Prayer today. Theresa reads from today’s Gospel (Mt 10:7-15) in which Jesus instructs the Apostles as they set out on their missionary work. He instructs them to tell people that God’s kingdom is close...

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Morning Prayer July 7

Join Maeve Canavan from Darndale Belcamp for Morning Prayer Wednesday July 7

Maeve Canavan from Darndale Belcamp leads our Morning Prayer for Wednesday, July 7. Maeve reflects on today’s Gospel reading (Mt 10:1-7) where Jesus calls each of the twelve apostles by name. In the Gospel, Jesus instructs the apostles not to go to the pagan territories. Maeve brings this instruction up to date, suggesting that Jesus...

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morning prayer July 6

Morning Prayer Tuesday July 6 with Franciscan Missionaries of Mary

Join with the Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary from Clontarf, Dublin for Morning Prayer on Tuesday, July 6. Srs Noreen, Lumay, and Anne remind us first, that today is the feast of St Maria Goretti, who, in her dying moment after the attack on her, forgave her attacker. She is an example of...

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