Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate


Morning Prayer July 9

Morning Prayer, Friday, July 9 with Pat Hughes (Friends of St Eugene, Birkenhead)

Join with Pat Hughes, one of the Friends of St Eugene from Birkenhead for Morning Prayer on Friday, July 9. Pat takes as her theme the Psalm from the readings of today’s Mass. Psalm 37 tells us that, “the salvation of the just comes from the Lord” and in response, Pat poses the question: “who...

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Morning Prayer July 8

Morning Prayer, Thursday July 8 with Theresa Codd (Birkenhead)

Join Theresa Codd from Birkenhead for Thursday’s Morning Prayer (July 8) We join Theresa as she leads us in our Morning Prayer today. Theresa reads from today’s Gospel (Mt 10:7-15) in which Jesus instructs the Apostles as they set out on their missionary work. He instructs them to tell people that God’s kingdom is close...

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Morning Prayer July 7

Join Maeve Canavan from Darndale Belcamp for Morning Prayer Wednesday July 7

Maeve Canavan from Darndale Belcamp leads our Morning Prayer for Wednesday, July 7. Maeve reflects on today’s Gospel reading (Mt 10:1-7) where Jesus calls each of the twelve apostles by name. In the Gospel, Jesus instructs the apostles not to go to the pagan territories. Maeve brings this instruction up to date, suggesting that Jesus...

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morning prayer July 6

Morning Prayer Tuesday July 6 with Franciscan Missionaries of Mary

Join with the Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary from Clontarf, Dublin for Morning Prayer on Tuesday, July 6. Srs Noreen, Lumay, and Anne remind us first, that today is the feast of St Maria Goretti, who, in her dying moment after the attack on her, forgave her attacker. She is an example of...

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morning prayer july 4 oblates

Morning Prayer, Monday July 5 with Fr Eduardo Nunez OMI from Darndale Belcamp

Join Fr Eduardo Nunez OMI for Morning Prayer today, Monday, July 5. Eduardo reads from today’s Gospel (Mt 9:18-26) which tells the story of the healing of the daughter of the synagogue official, Jairus, and of the healing of the woman who needed only to touch the cloak of Jesus to know that she would...

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Morning Prayer July 4 Oblates

Morning Prayer with Sr Máire Hearty, Sunday July 4

Join Sr Máire Hearty, a Sister of Mercy working in Darndale, Dublin for today’s Morning Prayer, Sunday July 4. Máire reflects on today’s Gospel from Saint Mark (Mk 6:1-6), that tells how Jesus is not accepted in his own home town. Máire points to the lack of belief in Him by those who thought they...

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oblates morning prayer darndale

Join the sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary for Morning Prayer on Saturday July 3

Join with Srs Noreen, Lumay, and Anne, of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary from Clontarf, Dublin, as they lead us in our Morning Prayer today, the feast of St Thomas. The Sisters focus on the opening phrase in the Gospel from St Mark: “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation,”...

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Sr Máire Hearty morning prayer july 2

Morning Prayer with Sr Máire Hearty (Darndale-Belcamp) – Friday July 2

Join Sr Máire Hearty from Darndale – Belcamp for Morning Prayer this Friday morning, July 2 In today’s Gospel (Mt 9:9-13), Jesus goes to the home of the tax collector to eat. No doubt, if Jesus were to come to our home, it would be to the best room with everything neatly in its place....

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morning prayer oblates july 1

Morning Prayer for Thursday, July 1 with Fr Michael, OMI

Join with Fr Michael O’Connor OMI for morning prayer on Thursday, July 1 Fr Michael prays with us from the garden of the Oblate community home in Darndale-Belcamp parish in Dublin’s northside. Quoting from St Columbanus, Michael says: “If you want to know the Creator, get to know creation.” In the wake of Pope Francis’...

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Join Fr Eduardo on Wednesday June 30 for Morning Prayer from Darndale Belcamp

Join with Fr Eduardo Nunez, OMI from Darndale Belcamp in Dublin for our Morning Prayer In today’s Gospel (Mt 8:28-34), Jesus is confronted by the demoniacs, after the crossing the Sea of Galilee with his disciples. Most of us probably have demons in our lives; what are they, can we recall and name our demons?...

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